Thursday, January 20, 2011

London Living: Tom Dixon

With a cult-like following, Tom Dixon has redefined British design and created a look that is impossible to replicate.  His cool and sexy style is all his own, and it is brilliant!

 {His lighting is out of this world sexy!}

Friday, January 7, 2011

London Living: Kelly Hoppen

As our life in London comes to an end, my heart fills with bittersweet emotion. I've savored every moment of living abroad, yet am excited to move home to my beloved city by the bay, and am confident that 2011 will be an amazing year!

To pay tribute to the The Big Smoke, I will highlight a favorite British interior designer, one per week, until we depart.

First up, the unbelievably talented Kelly Hoppen. calming...

If it looked like this, who wouldn't want a swing in their living room?

A room in perfect balance.

I am such a sucker for symmetry!

What is there to say about Kelly that has not already been said? She has created interior masterpieces for over 30 years, has started her own interior design school, has launched her own line of interior products, and has recently published a gorgeous book, Kelly Hoppen Home (currently on my wishlist!). The woman has lead British design for years, and it is quite easy to see why.
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