Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday's Things

True to my nature, I'm very particular when it comes to holiday decor. I dare say most decorations out there would never make it past my front door, much less be incorporated into my holiday display.  However, these stylish + stunning specimens would be welcome back every year! 

{ Geometric Felt Christmas Stockings from Etsy's rikrak, found here }

{ Modern Paper Ornament from Etsy's kissadesign, found here }

{ Naughty + Nice Gift Tags from Etsy's RetroPops, found here }

{ Modern Bird Ornament from Etsy's spottedstonestudio, found here }

{ Festive Modern Ornaments from Etsy's soleilgirl, found here }

{ Custom Holiday Cards from Etsy's Little&TheGirl, found here }

{ Stitched Garland from Etsy's polkadotshop, found here }

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