Friday, November 19, 2010

The Great Shape of California

In just one month, we will be home for Christmas. I cannot express in words how excited I am to hug my family and friends, kiss my nieces and nephew, and devour the delicious culinary indulgences that London has denied me (Mexican food, In n' Out burgers, Mexican food...) As my official countdown begins, and our calendar fills with dinner dates and planned shopping excursions, my heart flutters with excitement. It seems appropriate, then, that as I scoured yesterday for Christmas gifts, I came across the most adorable cheese plate/cutting board I have ever seen. Okay, so I am a bit biased, but I do think the great shape of California translates perfectly to a serving board! I mean, just think how much more cheese can fit on California than, say, Virginia...

This beautiful Californian memento, along with many other wooden states, can be found at AHeirloom's Etsy shop. The heart can be placed anywhere you like, and mine would, of course, be placed over San Francisco - just is where I left it.

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